• New & Existing Building
  • New Entrance
  • New Block & Artwork Detail
  • Building & Artwork Detail

Chief State Solicitor’s Office Ship Street Dublin 8

The project comprises the provision of two new wings to the rear of the existing four-storey building to form a C-shaped plan with potential to complete a courtyard development at a future phase.

The new wings are designed as clean limestone /glass modules in contrast to the existing brown brick 1970s building and as bridge element to future phases.

A series of integrated artworks designed by Grace Weir along new recessed stonework panels on the ground floor of the existing building depict scenes from Ship street, which played a significant part in the Rebellion of 1534.

  • Client: Commissioners of Public Works
  • Stage: Completed 1999
  • Cost: €6m
  • Nature: Chief State Solicitors Offices
  • Description: Refurbishment and extension of existing offices on Ship Street, Dublin 8