• South Elevation
  • Set Down Area
  • North Elevation
  • General Activity Room
  • Dining Room Servery
  • Courtyard
  • Cladding Detail

Millbrook Adult Day Care Centre Enniscorthy Co Wexford

The architectural challenge was to avoid long low elevations and an impression of bulk across the open site, given the requirement that all the accommodation be contained within a single storey. Consequently, the internal functions are expressed as detached elements linked by glazed corridors breaking up the mass of the building; and roofs are curved in different radii animating the elevations of the building when viewed from the surrounding landscape.

Internally access to fresh air, light and external space is maximised while maintaining a necessary level of security. Almost all rooms are naturally ventilated; interior courtyards allow safe access to sunlight and the open air; glazed links provide visual connections through the landscaping of the courtyards to the open space beyond.

At the Western elevation, larger therapy rooms allow the roofs to curve up, opening the space to light and to the views across the Slaney Valley.

  • Client: Health Services Executive, South Area
  • Stage: Due for completion in August 2009
  • Cost: €2.9 million
  • Nature: Healthcare
  • Description: A day care facility for clients with severe and profound disabilities and challenging behaviour. The proposed facility allows access for a maximum of 25-30 clients at any one time operating on a daily basis and can also be accessed at weekends and other times as needs demand and resources permit. The facility will accommodate a variety of treatment, therapy and training rooms and associated support rooms that provide therapeutic and social activities for the clients.