An Tearman Respite Centre Enniscorthy Co Wexford

The site is located amongst a mature landscaped garden within the curtilage of the Protected Structure of the former St John’s Hospital Union House.

Clients avail of these services on a voluntary basis; and this is reflected in the design of the building where living and sleeping accommodations are clearly expressed and there is a strong relationship between external and internal spaces imparting a warm domestic environment which supports independent living.

The specific client profile restricts the development to a single storey. In order to allow the clients open access to all areas the unit is designed on one level without steps: forming a gentle carved platform across the southern slope of the site

Two definite architectural elements; a curved block containing the bedroom accommodation and an oblong main block containing the day activity and staff zone fuse together around a sheltered courtyard. The bedroom accommodation is located to maximise the Southerly orientation, capturing the sunlight, and view across the Slaney valley to Vinegar Hill in the distance.

  • Client: Health Services Executives South
  • Stage: Complete June 2014
  • Cost: €1.45 mIllion
  • Nature: Mental Health Respite Unit
  • Description: The role and function of the Respite Unit is to support the personal autonomy of people with an enduring mental illness and to enable the individual to find respite in a time of crisis. The proposed facility will provide short term supervised living accommodation for up to 10 residents with mental illness, and provides a variety of treatment, therapy, interview and associated support rooms that offer therapeutic and social activities for the residents. The living accommodation is divided from the main therapy, living areas in two distinct buildings.