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  • Internal Courtyard
  • Site Plan
  • Ground Floor Plan

Acute Psychiatric Unit Ennis County Hospital Co Clare

This Hospital is managed as a component of the National acute hospital services. The building contains 40 beds with full support services and occupies a gross floor area of 1,720 sq.m..

The planning of the building was developed in consultation with users resulting in a scheme where light, colour, movement and focus are integrated to an ordered and pragmatic sequence of adjacencies.

The social context of the building is approached through the system of ambulatory circuits passing through social zones of the unit. The zones are integrated to the working areas of the hospital but reflect their individual contexts through design and integrated commissioned artworks.

  • Client: HSE - Mid Western Region
  • Stage: Completed 2001
  • Cost: €5m
  • Nature: Acute Hospita
  • Description: The provision of Acute Psychiatric Services at Ennis General Hospital forms a part of the Regional Plan for the reorganisation of Psychiatric Services and an element of the development of acute services within hospital campus.