• Oliver Grace Engraving
  • No 60 Ceiling Rose & Cornice Detail
  • No 60 Staircase
  • No 44 Fenestration & Façade Detail
  • No 43 Façade & Details
  • No 42 Ceiling
  • No 42 First Floor Plaster Detail
  • No 42 Ceiling Detail
  • No 42 Plaster Rose to Staircase
  • No 42 Stucco Work
  • No 42 Staircase
  • No 42 Balustrade
  • Siteplan
  • 1756 Rocque Map

Heritage Strategy O’Connell Street Dublin

Brian O’Connell Associates Architects (now O’Connell Mahon Architects) were commissioned to prepare a Heritage Strategy in respect of the proposed re-development of an area of over five acres at the centre of Dublin, known as the Carlton Site. The scheme for this quarter of the city was developed by Chartered Lands in the context of Dublin City Council’s Urban Design/Development Brief for Carlton Site Upper O’Connell Street (Carlton Brief) 2007. This brief, recognising the necessity for balance between a large world-class retail development and the important heritage aspects of O’Connell Street, required the submission of a Heritage Strategy … encompassing all aspects of the built environment and its associated historic, artistic and cultural links … as part of any planning application for the site.

The practice worked within a team headed by Dublin Central Architects, a consortium of architects selected by Chartered Lands to deliver the project. A number of consultants advised on aspects of the strategy including David Slattery Architect Historic Buildings Consultant and Shaffrey Associates Architects.

Extensive research on written material covering the period from the earliest evolution of O’Connell Street (then Gardiners Mall) to the present was undertaken. Historical references, maps, prints and photographs were catalogued and synthesised. A record survey of all buildings on the site was undertaken and detailed surveys of the eight protected structures within the Architectural Conservation Area and of the four buildings designated a national monument within the site. This work took a five person team six months to complete and produced in excess of 500 elements including drawings and photographs.

The Heritage Submission proposes a strategic framework which recognises the unique processional character of the O’Connell Street and accommodates the contemporary development while conserving the heritage of the street and its environs; a site of national importance in the centre of the capital.


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