• New Hanging Panel
  • Interior
  • Lighting Work

Mermaid Gallery Bray

The Mermaid Gallery was opened in 2002 and is an L-shped room with  glazed walls along two sides restricting the effective wall space for hanging work. Temporary screens had been built along these walls to compensate for this loss and had begun to deteriorate: the office quality carpet to the floor had also aged.

With modest funding we worked with the client to improve the quality of the space for artist and audience by focussing on upgrading these key elements.

Temporary screens were removed opening and brightening the space and replaced with two large panels strategic placed to provide white space for work to be hung in various ways.

The floor is replace with a natural timber oak floor enhancing the lightness of the space and providing a durable surface for 3-dimensional pieces.





  • Client: Mermaid Arts Centre
  • Stage: Completed 2007
  • Cost: €30,000
  • Nature: Art Gallery
  • Description: Upgrading of Gallery Space