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Roscommon County Hospital Co Roscommon

The project is the first phase of a redevelopment of the entire hospital. It comprises a new Accident and Emergency and Medical Assessment Unit which are designed to link into future developments of the clinical areas in the hospital.

The project provides a new modern identity to the hospital in a manner that counterbalances the existing limestone facade of the original hospital building.

A range of new landscape strategies address the future Athlone road re-alignment to ensure pedestrian safety whilst enhancing the hospital’s presence to the roadway. The new public entrance to the Unit acts as a marker of the hospital as it is approached from the town.

  • Client: HSE - Western Health Board
  • Stage: Completed 2004
  • Cost: €5m
  • Nature: Development of existing Acute General Hospital
  • Description: Provision of new Accident and Emergency department and Medical Assessment department