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Rotunda Hospital NICU Dublin 1

The new NICU is located in the old Plunkett Cairns Wing on Parnell Square West. The Unit was designed to maximise the provision of natural light within an open-plan highly serviced high risk neonatal care unit.

The layout also modified the public circulation routes within the existing hospital to provide clear access to the adjacent delivery unit, while maintaining discreet access to the adjoining neonatal isolation areas.

The second part of the project comprised the refurbishment and extension of a new post-natal ward on the roof of the 1993 wing in a L-shaped plan around the existing plant room.

The new wing was located directly above the existing operating theatres and delivery unit which remained live throughout the works.

  • Client: Board of Governors of the Rotunda Hospital
  • Stage: Completed in 2003
  • Cost: €9m
  • Nature: Maternity Hospital
  • Description: Development of a new Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and a new ward development at the Rotunda Maternity Hospita